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diamond w

here are a few shots from the wallace’s ranch. again, beautiful weather made it easy! 😉

no description needed…

silhouette attempt


we were so thankful to have such gorgeous weather!!!

wish i had moved the focal point to the left some (not so centered), but thought this was still cool enough to post! 😉

sculpture ranch, johnson city, tx

[quick disclaimer…i said i wouldn’t post a ton at once…but in order to play catch up, this first day is going to have quite a few…then it will calm down, i promise!]

during our family christmas vacation at diamond w (the wallace ranch), a few of us decided to trek down the ranch road some to this incredible sculpture ranch. there was some pretty amazing stuff out there! i took just under 250 pictures that day (i am still not even sure if we saw all the sculptures that the ranch had) but will post just a couple of the best shots i got. these do no justice to the amount of work out there, but gives you an idea…enjoy!
this isn’t even a sculpture…just on a fence…thought it was cool!

this is actually a very small tile on a sculpture with about 100 more of these….

one of my very favorite pix of the day!

my precious cousin, niece, and nephew had a blast running around the ranch and checking things out!


all of these are just raw unedited pix! makes it easy when the weather is so beautiful!!!:)

new year, new hobby

well, okay, i wouldn’t really say photography is a NEW hobby for me….but you could say taking pictures with my new Nikon D5000 (thank you aunt gigi and uncle niles), learning/using photoshop, and most new to me, blogging (well, photoblogging), make up my new hobby.

i have many friends and family members that are not on facebook, etc and i would like to share some of my favorite shots without having to clog up their inboxes. this will also be a way for me to follow my own progression! cant wait to look back to these first shots down the road and think about what an amateur i was! 😉

a couple of promises i hope to stand by…1) not to get too crazy on the number of pix i post. while i hope i have so many awesome shots to choose from, i will do my best to keep it to the very best couple of shots. and 2) not to go MIA for too long at a time. a dear friend of mine has already told me that as a professional blog reader (how many are you now subscribed to, paige?) that there is nothing worse than having a fave blog never be updated…

so with all of this said…i shall post this then post a couple of my favorite shots from the first days of owning my new camera! 😀

oh, and, my roomie got a new canon slr for christmas, too! so don’t be surprised if i sneak a couple of her amazing shots in every once in a while (i’ll give appropriate credit, don’t worry!)!!

happy new year! here is to a fabulous, healthy, and happy 2010!!
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